Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the plugin on my Tiendanube?

Assuming that you already have a virtual store with products published on the Tiendanube platform, follow these steps:

  • Open the following link to install the plugin
  • You will be asked for the permissions that Benza needs to read the products and generate the recommendations (if you are not logged in, it will first ask you to log in to the tiendanube account).
  • Accept the permissions.
  • You are redirected to Benza's site. Here you have 2 options, if you want to create a new account in Benza you must press "Register", or on the contrary, if you already have an account in Benza and want to add your store to the list of sites, you must press "Login".
  • Fill in the registration details and submit them.
  • Ready, in the next few minutes the recommendations will be displayed in the store.
  • Can I have more than one site on my account?

    The plugin can be installed on more than one site and these can be managed in the same Benza account. To do this, when installing and redirecting you to the Benza site, you must select the "Login" option. Then, in the reports, you can select the site (s) in the filter buttons to see the corresponding information.

    How are the recommendations displayed?

    Recommendations are shown in a floating button format for wide-screen devices, for mobile devices and small windows they are shown embedded in the site under the element that is referred to (by default in Tiendanube sites this value is #single -product). You can also configure its appearance by accessing the "Widget Design" section in Benza's side menu.

    What is CTR?

    The CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of clicks a link gets compared to its number of impressions. It is always calculated in percentage, and it is a metric that is used to measure the impact that Benza has to generate more sales on your site. Each recommendation that is shown to the users of your site is an “Impression”, the CTR is the percentage of the impressions that were clicked.

    How do I top up my balance?

    For recommendations to appear on your site, you must have a positive balance in your Benza account. By registering we offer you 100 USD to consume in 30 days. This balance becomes the number of clicks that can be made on the recommendations that will be displayed on your site, you can enter the amount of loading you need in the "Payment methods" section in the side menu of Benza, this cannot be less than 0.50USD, and the corresponding clicks are added according to the price scale to which it belongs reported here

    What is CPC?

    Cost per click (CPC) is the final amount that you are charged for a click. Therefore, depending on the number of clicks you need, you can calculate how much balance you must enter (CPC * Clicks), or on the contrary you can know how many clicks you will get when loading a certain amount (Amount / CPC).

    What happens if I modify the products in my store?

    Benza will automatically detect the changes you make to your site, however these may take up to an hour to be reflected in the recommendations and reports.

    What if a product has different varieties?

    The recommendations shown will be based on the first variety that is in stock available at the time the products are updated in Benza (maximum one hour).